Monday, December 6, 2010

Midas by Joe Fresh & Layering with Old Revlon

 If there is anyone from the US or around the world that have stumbled on my humble blog, Joe Fresh is a Canadian clothing line that retails in select stores in the Loblaws chain of supermarkets here in Canada.  Joe Fresh clothing is reasonably priced and actually looks pretty good, considering the prices.  They recently branched out into cosmetics and bath products.  Although I sort of dragged my feet to go and try their stuff out, I finally picked up a holiday nail polish set, mainly after I saw Midas in one of the packages:

I've got quite a few gold polishes but I find that it is darker than most gold polishes and has a more antique gold look to it that I haven't often seen.  I think it's gorgeous and I wasn't let down by the quality either.  Although the bottles are smaller than most (6 ml) I wouldn't complain about it since I rarely finish a bottle of nail polish.  The brush was surprisingly wide when you consider the size of the bottle but the big white cap is a little difficult to hold.  It dried very quickly and looked good in two coats and there is no sign of chips 2 days into its wearing.  The other colours in the set are a deep purple shimmer and a white shimmer which I expect to be using soon.

I wanted to take break from dark polish again but I also didn't have much time to change my polish if it got chipped.  I also wanted to try something that would make nicks and chips less noticeable.  My sister suggested that I try one of  two of her polishes from her collection and I ended up layering them to make something I never wore before:

Crystalline Pure Nude & Goldeneye
These Revlon Polishes are somewhat old.  Goldeneye was actually part of a movie tie - in for the 1995 James Bond film Goldeneye so that polish is 15 years old and is a sheer light yellow with gold glitter. (Update: My sister says that Goldeneye was part of a James Bond Tie In but it was for Die Another Day .  That film came out in 2002, so it's an eight year old polish.)  Crystalline Pure Nude is probably even older than that but my sister doesn't remember when she bought it, but I wouldn't remember that either! It's a very sheer, pale nude shade and despite the look of the bottle, it's not a matte finish.  Here's how it turned out:

It's like a light honey colour with a little bit of glitter to it.  As you can see, both of these polishes are very, very sheer.  That's two coats of the sheer nude with one coat of sheer glitter.  If I wanted opacity, I'd probably have to apply five coats of polish combined.  It's not the flashiest polishes I've even wore, but the nicks and chips I got during the week I wore it were not easily noticed.  I'd try this combination again if I knew I wouldn't have time to tend to my nails.

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