Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tease - y Does It by OPI & Versace V2030 - W

More holiday polish! I picked up OPI's Tease - y Does It from the Burlesque/Holiday Collection for 2010 as I need to limit myself but also because clunky glitter polish isn't really my favourite kind of polish.  Once in a while I see one I really like, but most of the time, I give them a pass because I hate removing it.  But look how nice this is!  It`s a dark purple with red micro glitter that looks very dressy to me and I like it a lot.

Honestly, when I first heard about the upcoming film, Burlesque, I couldn't help but make the obvious comparison between it and Paul Verhoeven`s 1995 so bad it`s awesome film Showgirls!

It`s a Ver-sayce!

Showgirls 2.0
Frankly, I wish that OPI was doing product tie-ins back in 1995 because Nomi Malone in showgirls is all about her nails:

Maybe You Could Do My Nails...
Hi Nomi, I Love Your Nails
Nomi even does her nails right before she goes out to beat up and cut the man who raped her best friend:

It`s From the Hell Hath No Fury Collection!

One of my favourite lines from the movie comes when Nomi shows up at the casino offices in the new dress she bought:

Zack Carey: Nice dress.
Nomi Malone: Thanks. It's a Ver-sayce
Zack Carey: It's "Versace".
Nomi Malone: What?
Zack Carey: It's Versace. It's pronounced "Versace".
Nomi Malone: Oh.
And that brings me to one of the two items that I own that are Versace:  A leather glasses case and a bottle of nail polish that is at least 15 years old.

Bottle Top with Versace`s Medusa Head Logo
The polish doesn`t have a name, just a number and it`s a kind of warm caramel/warm brown with a hint of shimmer to it.  It took hours to dry even with a quick dry top coat!  I did my nails in the afternoon but woke up to a PJ imprint the next morning on my pinkie.

Even though I had application problems, I wouldn`t trash this polish.  I like the colour and I have no idea where I would find another bottle.

I don`t know if I`ll be going to see Burlesque in theaters.  I don`t care for Xtina and I`m just bored with the Antins perspective on what`s entertaining but it has Cher and she is hard for me to resist!

Showgirls + Burlesque = Cher

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