Sunday, December 26, 2010

Purple Pandemonium!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got all the presents that they asked for! I thought about going out and facing the Boxing Day Pandemonium that is going on in Malls & Store right now, but then I thought, why?  I got awesome presents and I can’t buy myself a job, so why not stay home, eat ham and turkey leftovers, and post some photos that I didn’t get around to yet!  People, get ready because it’s Purple Pandemonium here at She Has Green Fingers!

First up is two polishes from Sinful Colours in which I was excited to find at my local Pharmaplus store!  I’ve seen this brand on other blogs but as far as I knew, it wasn’t available in the T.O. area so I was glad to see it.  What made me even happier was the price, $2 CDN!  I could have easily bought all the colours they had but it was disappointing to see that they only had a small selection of purple shades.  I decided to hold back on buying too much since I didn’t know what they quality was like but I shouldn’t have worried.
Bali Mist

Let Me Go
I chose Bali Mist & Let Me Go since the other colours they had looked very similar to other polishes that I already had.  Bali Mist is a light purple that’s very reflective, with a hint of duo – chrome that you can see in the bottle but not on the nail.  Let Me Go is a sheer lavender that's even more reflective. It reminded me of OPI’s the Colour to Watch but they are quite different, as CTW has more of a blue sheen to it and is less sheer in its application.  Frankly, these two bottles of Sinful Colours was $4 well spent.  They applied well, dried well and had good coverage, although I did need 3 coats of each since the colours are quite sheer and there was a little tiny bit of bubbling with Bali Mist but not enough for it to be a problem. I’m looking forward to layering with them.
Diva of Geneva

Man, I love this colour!  Seriously, this thing is one of my favourites this year and I never get sick at looking at the red & blue shimmer going on in Diva of Geneva from OPI.  Perfect in every way...
 A couple of weeks ago my sister bought me Luminescence from L’Oreal.  It sort of falls between a dark purple and navy blue but I think it leans more towards purple in my eye.  I like it very much, it’s my thing and as I usually have good luck with L’Oreal polishes. I had no application problems but removing it was a lengthy process.

And just for the hell of it, I’m including this nail fail of mine.  It’s Sally Hansen’s Mystic Lilac with an Essie matte topcoat.  
Man!  That looks just awful, I really should swatch ML as is because that combination is just straight up ugly.

That’s it for now and until next time, don’t break a nail!

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