Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Ear Infection, The Bathroom Reno, The Fumigation and the Colour Red

Pictured: What My Infected Ear Would Say: If Only It Could Scream.
Lucky Me!  Not only did our new building superintendent make good on her promise to fix our collapsing bathroom and spray our apartment for bugs, she made it happen within the same three days. So now, I have pretty much a day and a half to pack up a 2 bedroom apartment as if for a move with the dizzying pain of an ear infection to slow me down just enough to make me pray for death...  Don't get me wrong, my new super is awesome!!! She makes things happen!  If those things happened a few days apart from one another, that would make me fell physically better. The contractors drills and hammers are making my ear twitch in pain. But in the long run, we'll have a better pad to live in and that's what counts.

When the contractors went on their break, my good ear picked up on the sound of this little guy shouting it out from the treetops at my window:

Wassup Mama!
Hello to you too Little Red Guy! Look at him singing and standing out against this crummy grey day.  With all this grey clouds in the air, its time to share a little colour.  Namely, Madison Avenue from the NYC Quick Dry line.  It's an older colour but a good, simple red never goes out of style.

I can't speak for other nail bloggers,  but I am getter increasingly fond of NYC's quick dry polishes and personally, NYC beats Revlon's Top Speed hands down because NYC just chips less in my experience.  It's just that simple.  Yeah, their core colours are a bit limited, but they have been branching out with seasonal collections lately, so that will keep me coming back again.  And now, back to packing!

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