Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Houston We Have a Purple by OPI

With Flash

Without Flash
I wasn't feeling any big desire to pick up anything from OPI's Texas Collection.  Sure, the colours are pretty, but it seemed to me that the collection looked more like a "greatest hits" of colours that have been very popular in the last couple of years (greys, teals, taupes etc...).  But I was interested in the new"Sorbet-Like" polish that OPI is tooting as a new finish and see what the fuss was about.  I chose Houston We Have a Purple because, as readers of this blog know, I love purple.  But I was somewhat disappointed in this polish.  It looks purple in the bottle but it's more of a magenta on my nails and that's after 3 coats.  Well, I love magenta but it appears that difference between the colour in the bottle and the colour on the nail is due to the semi-transparent "Sorbet" finish.  I  love how the polish is so shiny. It looks like I just painted them but it seems that what gives it that shine makes the polish soft.  Even after it dried, I experienced a lot of dents in the polish and even though I know most people wouldn't notice, it really bugged me. Worst of all, I had three different chips on my nails within 3 hours and that's not an experience that I've had often with an OPI polish.  I ended up using an extra coat to cover up the damage so I don't know if this new finish is worth the extra amount of time it takes for my nails to look presentable.  Bummer...I kind of wish I didn't spend the money :(

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