Thursday, March 10, 2011

Essie's Kisses & Bises & I Turned 43 Years Old

OK, yeah...I turned 43 years old this weekend and you know what?  I look good...
In Which I Mean I Don't Look Bad!
I totally know I need to get to the hairdresser because that is a hot mess but check it out...No lines or wrinkles!  Looking good Me!  Hey, I know I'm tooting my own horn but if I don't do it, who will?

I wish my nails looked as good as my face when I wore Essie's Kisses & Bises from the French Affair collection, which I had no idea would be so sheer:

Dear God My Eyes!!!
That's 3 coats of super sheer shimmer, which doesn't even begin to mask my super yellowed fingernails (it's like my nails have been smoking for 20 years!).  Talk about looking old!  But don't get me wrong, I like Kisses & Bises, it's just clearly a top coat and look, it's so cute in the bottle:
See! Really, It's Cute!
I guess I have to reserve judgement until I've used it on top of something else.  I've got a hot pink coming up so maybe I'll give that a try...

Until next time, don't break a nail!

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