Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jury Duty with Sidewalkers by NYC

Jury Duty...it’s more than just the thing that’s keeping me away from posting in the last few days, it’s my “civic duty” people!  It’s more fun than:
  • ·         Waiting for a train for 3 months
  • ·         Waiting for a bad breakup haircut to grow out
  • ·         Talking about the weather
  • ·         Driving to an airport in a foreign country for 5 hours only to find that you’ve been going the wrong way the whole time!
Ummm, You Guys...It's The Other Way!
But I digress, nothing says “civic duty” like sitting in a huge room with 300 other bored-ass people waiting to see if your name will be called so you can sit through a trial and decide the fates of all the parties involved...Wooooo! I figured that an appropriate nail colour to go along with bureaucracy would be Sidewalkers from NYC's Quick Dry line:

The price was right for this polish, under $3 CDN so no complaints from me about that.  I also have nothing to complain about in terms of the polish either.  It applies well and dries quickly and colour is a very neutral light grey that goes with everything.  If you're going to spend $3 on a polish, spend it on this one.

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