Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wham Bam Thank You Spam! Here's a Bunch of Polish

Hey out there!  I`ve been so swamped with school and stuff that I haven`t had time to craft together a long, convoluted post as I so like to do but my birthday (and my twin sister`s too!) is this weekend so I`m not planning to do any posting  for a few days.  But that doesn`t mean I can`t fill the gap a little with a few polishes that I`ve being sporting lately!

Here`s OPI`s Just a Little Rosti from the Swiss Collection.  I have dozens of polishes that are similar to this one and I always tell myself I`m not going to buy anymore.  But then I`ll be in the store and I`ll see them and that notion flys out the window.  I`m just kidding myself.  I will always buy polishes like this because I love them and this one is no exception!

I found Borghese`s Stellare Notte a few months back at Winners for $4.99 CDN which is much more fair than the $17.00 CDN that Shoppers Drug Mart shills them for.  This is an awesome colour with a nice douchrome effect which you can see in the bottle but I couldn't capture it on  my nails in the photo.
I wore Purple Gala from the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line on Christmas Day and I got lots of compliments on it.  It applied well, wore well and was easy to remove to.  It was a definite winner at $2 CDN.
Another win from the Joe Fresh makeup line is Orchid.  A really pretty purple that I was glad to add to my collection, especially when I was going through my Purple Pandemonium a few months back.  It`s hard to say no to a polish line that sells at 3 for $10 CDN, the cost of one bottle of OPI up in the Great White!  I`ve read online recently that Joe Fresh will be opening their first US store in Manhattan soon, so if things go well for them, any American readers will have access to the brand.  Happy Future Shopping USA!

After a few months of darks, greens, purples, glitters, shimmers and crackles, I was pretty eager to sport some more calm and sedating colours and Zoya`s Nikki is one of my favourites.  I actually find it a little difficult to describe the colour, it`s not really pink, or beige but it has a great blue shimmer in it that keeps it from being too bland.
 As much as I love grey polish, this one drives me nuts!  OPI`s Moon Over Mumbai should be one of my all time favourites but it isn`t because, look at that photo.  That`s 3 coats of polish and still it`s nowhere near the coverage it needs.  What a nail fail!

Now I love this colour.  Leotard Optional from Sephora by OPI`s Urban Ballerina collection is for me the perfect neutral.  It goes with any outfit I put on which is great BUT...!

Everyone I Know Has a Big But!  This Big, In Fact!
Legwarmers Optional has a dupe!  A low cost dupe at that too!  I was in a big ass Loblaws last weekend and when I checked out their Joe Fresh nail polish display to see if they had anything new, I found that the LO that I was wearing was exactly the same as their polish called NUDE and it would have cost me only $4 CDN or 3 for $10 instead of $13 for one bottle!  I could have saved $9...
Nine Bucks!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!

Sigh...that brings me to my last polish for today.  Zoya`s Gemma from their Spring 2011 Collection.  This another one of their greens that just knocks it out of the park for me:

Yes, it`s a hospital green but if hospitals had that awesome blue shimmer in them, I`d be less reluctant to go to them.  Zoya is starting to be my favourite salon brand as I haven`t bought anything from them that disappointed me yet but it`s still not the easiest brand to find in T.O. and when I do, the store`s stock is not always up to date.

Well that`s it for now...I hope that everyone has a great weekend and the next time you hear from me, I`ll be a year older!

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