Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Colours to Fight Off the Blahs

I have got a serious case of the blahs...I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's the gloomy weather we've been having in T.O. or maybe I'm stressed out about school with a group project and final exam looming on the horizen plus being sick with I don't know what, but I'm just in a funk!  So I thought I'd try to liven things up a little bit with some spring-like colours to try to cheer myself up:
 I think I might have bought Gosh's Flamingo 2 years ago but didn't get around to wearing it until the constant rain and grey skies just wore me out.  I'd call it a candy pink, like strawberry saltwater taffy...mmm, taffy!  It was good in two coats, ended up applying very smoothly and went chip free for 3 days.

One afternoon after being dismissed for the day from jury selection, I stopped by a Toronto institution for salon supplies, Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply, a store that has been in operation since 1937 to check them out since I hadn't shopped there in a few years.  I'm glad I did go back, because even though the only polish lines they carry are OPI, Essie & China Glaze they are priced for a $1 less than other retailers and a lot of polish from their recent lines were discounted too.   I was able to pick up Life Preserver and Lighthouse from China Glaze's Anchors Away Collection for Spring 2011 for $4 CDN.  So if you live in the GTA and haven't visited this store before, I would recommend that you give them a try.
Life Preserver
 Life Preserver is a slightly muted orange creme that I like so much, I was half tempted to chuck out the rest of my orange polishes for being to loud.  Orange is fine but it's actually my least favourite of all colours. But I have a fair amount of cosmetics in orange because it really suits me well and I like how this polish isn't shrieky.  It was good in two coats but there was some rather long lint that was already in the polish which hampered the application.  It's not the first time, I've had lint problems with China Glaze.  It's gotten to the point that I just expect that some straggler is going to be hiding in the bottle just waiting to drag across my nail and muck things up!
Lighthouse is also from China Glaze's Anchors Away Collection and it's a super shimmery bright yellow that took 3 coats to get it to the opacity that you see in the photo.  Not that it's a complaint from me but it may not suit other peoples tastes.  I find it suits my skin tone well but I also could see that, perhaps if you are more fair skinned, it might make your fingers look a little washed out.  Surprisingly, there was no lint in this polish!
I guess one of the things I like about these two polishes is that when I see the two colours together it makes me think of my canaries, Patches & Sherbert:

Now they brighten a day!

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