Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spirit of Truth From MAC's Wonder Woman Collection Plus Some Lipstick & Lipglasses

This is officially the longest blog titles I have even written and it's also my most photo heavy as well. As anyone who knows me well, I have been eagerly waiting for this collection so I also look at this as an opportunity to display some of the items from my Wonder Woman collection. I picked up the Spirit of Truth nail polish, lipglass in Wonder Woman (which my sister also got), lipstick in Heroine and my sister also chose Secret Identity lipglass.  First up is Spirit of Truth:

Nail Polish Box With Metal Wonder Woman Purse

It's got a few nicks and chips because I wore it for almost a week before taking pictures of it.  This polish is one of the most pigmented I've ever seen. It literally was opaque in one coat and I love it!  It's exactly the right kind of blue to be associated with Wonder Woman as I try to attempt to show with the top photo with the lovely 1940's inspired WW doll.  As it is with most dark blue polishes, it was a bitch to remove, so I figure that when I'm going to wear it, it better be for more than two days so the trouble will be worth it.

Next up is Wonder Woman lipglass.  I love red lipgloss and I can resist buying every one I see, there was no way I would pass this one by:
Wonder Woman As Modeled by My Sister

Pretty with just one coat! I'm a lucky girl when it comes to lipglosses.  When I wear them, they never bleed so I seldom use a lipliner but if you have problems with lipglosses, I would recommend it.

Thirdly, here's the lipglass, Secret Identity:
Secret Identity

I Love How the Boxes Line Up!  Artwork by Mike Allred and WW mousepad, Original Artwork by Brian Bolland

For people with our skintone, this gloss is a very warm neutral that puts me in mind of the caramel inside a chocolate.  Very nice and would probably be great for layering as well.

Next up is lipstick in Heroine.  It reminds me of Revlon's Coffee Bean but with a warmer undertone.  I find it suits my skin tone but it might not be flattering to some.  I am looking forward to rocking this in the summer with a faceful of bronzer!
Wonder Woman Christmas Ornament Based on the Artwork of Brian Bolland
So that's my haul!  Overall, I'm very satisfied with what I chose, especially the polish and WW lipglass.  I thought I might end off this post with a few of my favourite ladies of action from my personal collection:

Victorian Wonder Woman from Amazonia.  Original Design by Phil Winslade
World War II Wonder Woman

Fighting Mad Wonder Woman based of Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier Series

My First Wonder Woman Doll from the 1970's.  I Just Can't Throw her Away!
Until next time, don't break a nail!
But Feel Free to Kick Some Ass!

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