Monday, April 18, 2011

Beach Bum Blu by Essie, All Hail the Queen By Butter London & a Couple of Kates

I picked up Beach Bum Blu by Essie about a month and a half ago at Shoppers Drug Mart, but only got around to using it this week since I wasn't feeling all that blue (no pun intended).  It's nice and shiny but I have reservations about the finish.  It looks more pearlized on the nail than it does in the bottle and that made the application somewhat streaky.  It looks fine on my left hand but it's a bit more patchy on my right.  

My buddy, Orsonzilla, checked out my little old blog and sent me a link about Butter London's No More Waity, Katie
I haven't picked up this shade (greige with lilac glitter) and I haven't seen it in stores, but I did splurge on a bottle of All Hail the Queen when my group project scored a 96%.  Yay Team!
With Flash

It's a light taupe with a subtle holo shimmer with a highly glossy finish than I was able to wear for 4 days without a chip. That's good news since it cost me $17 CDN so I'm glad that it's got mileage!  It makes for a great work shade, not super flashy but has something a little extra.

People who know me know I'm no great romantic, I couldn't care less about the upcoming royal wedding and the only princesses I really gave a damn about were Wonder Woman & Xena, Warrior Princess:

To that stuff I say, FTS!  But there's another British lady who wears blue named Kate who has a big date coming up. I am eagerly awaiting the new release from the great Kate Bush:
Put Your Hands Up In the Air...

And Wave 'Em Like You Just Don't Care!

I Said Put Your Hands Up In the Air...

Now Fly Around With Your Tongue Hanging Out!
Director`s Cut is her first work since 2005`s Aerial and if you are a Kate Bush fan, you have grown accustomed to waiting years for her to release new material.  May 16 is not coming fast enough for me!

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