Monday, April 11, 2011

Scented Skittles With Revlon Scented Polish

From Left to Right: Not So Blue-Berry, Grape Icy, Passionate Fruit, Mon Cherry & on Thumb, Beach
Since I didn't have this blog when I first bought these polishes, I figured I might as well slap on some skittles and give my two cents on Revlon's Scented line.
 Beach is from my sisters stash and it's a light yellow/green shimmer with a vaguely fruity scent.  That's two coats of my thumb but I would doubt if a third coat would bring it closer to the bottle colour.  However, two coats gave very good coverage for a fairly sheer colour.
Not So Blue-Berry is a medium blue shimmer with an undertone of pink to it (that doesn't pick up in my photos).  I really like this colour a lot, (it reminds me of Zoya's Crystal without the gold sparkle) even though it does look a little washed out on my fingers.  My problem with it is the smell: It stinks!!!  It's so cloying and heavy that if I painted all ten of my digits I'd choke!  Even on just one finger, its smell completely overwhelms the other scents of my skittles.  Barf!!! Top coat required for this one.
Grape Icy was also a real disappointment for me.  I like this cool toned purple and the scent (grape flavour is my favourite of artificial flavours) but something about the formula just makes it bubble.  It bubbled when I tried it last summer but as people who polish know, sometimes weather conditions can affect the application.  That's not the case with GI and it still bubbled like boiling water.  However, since this is most likely a new batch, it might not have the same problem as I've experienced.
Passionate Fruit is one of those colours that floats between purple and pink to the point that sometimes I'm not sure what to call it.  It's scent is a bit similar to NSBB but it's not overwhelming and much more tolerable than that blueberry hell.  It could use a third coat to make a nice and even application.
Last but not least is Mon Cherry.  It's probably my favourite out of the whole bunch:  It's a classic colour (pinkish red) and the scent, although not exactly cherry isn't overtly sweet either.  This good in two coats.

I'm curious as to how the practise of painting your nails a different colour got called "skittles".  It seems very appropriate.  I haven't eaten a skittle for years and don't plan to anytime soon.  They aren't my kind of thing and their commercials portraying people who have awful skittle afflictions rub me the wrong way:

That's actress Beth Grant as an inconsiderate mom.  I know her best for her role as crazy-ass Kitty Farmer in Donnie Darko.  She seems so enthusiastic about her son's unfortunate circumstances that I'm beginning to doubt her commitment to Sparkle Motion!
No, No...Notorious!

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