Friday, April 8, 2011

Smell My Fingers! Ocean Breeze Scented Polish by Revlon

Scented nail polish is not exactly an innovation but it certainly seems like a gimmick that could make you  love or regret the polish you choose.  When Revlon released a line of scented polishes last year, I picked up Not So Blue-berry, Mon Cherry, Passionate Fruit & Grape Icy: I liked how NSBB looked but hated the smell (at least a top coat can cover that up).  MC & PF was perfectly acceptable in both scent, quality & appearance and I liked the smell of GI but the polish was of terrible quality (severe bubbling with one coat!).  It was a very hit and miss collection for me but the company has brought them back for Summer 2011.  In fact, they're brought back the exact same colours!  I would love to know if this reflects whether the polishes were really popular or if they were just left with a ton of overstock (but if that were the case, I suppose the leftovers most likely would have ended up at a discount retailer, plus the bottle design is different ). 

Being a sucker for blue polish, I picked up Ocean Breeze. Since it's simple to call a polish Bubble Gum and make that scent match, I was curious as to what kind of smell they would associate with the ocean.  Turns out it smells like soap and the smell actually dissipated in less that 24 hours of application.  At least the application was pretty good, not too streaky considering that Revlon has some of the smaller brushes on the market.  The polish itself doesn't seem to photograph accurately.  I tried everything but direct sunlight (we have had very few sunny days in T.O. recently) and this was the best I could do.  In reality, OC has a green undertone to it that's quite flashy but in my photo, it just doesn't show.

Because this has everything to do with nail polish, today is actor Taylor Kitsch's birthday, In case you are not familar his work, here are some pictures of this talented young man...

Who Showed Great Range In Friday Night Lights...

A Master of the Art of Acting..

And Was Really Great in the Other Stuff I Saw Him In...

And Who am I Kidding?  He's a Hot Piece. I'll Be in My Room!

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