Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Time for Me By OPI, Murray Hill Mauve By New York Color & Happy Mothers Day

More Time For Me
Murray Hill Mauve
Some nail colours can be so similar that you could easily find yourself buying polishes that are exactly the same.  At first glaze it would seem that I did just that when I bought Murray Hill Mauve by New York Color. It sure looks as if a picked up a dupe of OPI's More Time for Me, which was part of the I Don't Do Dishes Collection from a few years back.  Well, they're close but it's no cigar and they are enough differences between the two that it keeps me from thinking that I wasted my money.  Murray Hill Mauve is slightly lighter with more shimmer to it and  although More Time for Me has a bit of shimmer in it, you really need to be up close to see well.  Both polishes were well but the most significant difference between the two is their dry time.  MHM is a quick dry while MTFM is the regular formula and takes more time to dry.  Both were good in two coats so I'll be hanging onto to them!

I just wanted to give a shout out to all the moms out there on Mother's Day today.  Just because I'll never be one doesn't mean I don't appreciate all the hard work my Mom has put into me over the years, especially since the last few years have been really hard on me and I don't kow what I would do without her.  I also can't go without thanking the other Moms in my life, my Aunt Joan & My Aunt Monica, for all they do for me and my sister since they always go above and beyond to help us when we are down and they don't have to. We are not their kids! Sniff, sniff...Oh, I'm sorry, I have something in my eye!

The Ladies in the top row from left to right: Aunt Ermine, Aunt Thelma, Aunt Sylvia & Grandma.
The Ladies in the bottom row from left to right: My Mom, Aunt Monica & Aunt Joan

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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