Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sparrow Me the Drama & Mermaids Tears by OPI

I picked up two colours from OPI's latest cross branding collection, Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides from my local BSO last week.  I picked up Sparrow Me the Drama & Mermaids Tears.  I was planning on buying Skull & Glossbones too but when I saw it, I changed my mind.  It didn't exactly knock me out and I didn't pick up Silver Shatter either.  I am really not feeling the crackle faze and I ended up giving away my bottle of Black Shatter.

First up is Sparrow Me the Drama. I chose this light pink creme because I realised that even with over 370 bottles of polish, I didn't have a light pink.
With Flash
I feel I chose well.  SMTD went on very smoothly in two coats, which I wasn't really expecting it to do.  Extra bonus points for the total lack of bald spots.  Applying this polish was smooth sailing!

Mermaids Tears reminds me of my Granny!  She used to knit all sorts of things for us when we were growing up. Sometimes she had good taste in colours and sometimes she didn't but one thing she did knit that I liked was a shell top in Seafoam Green: the very same shade as this nail polish.  If only I still had it so that I could wear them together...

MT seems to have the same formula as SMTD so the application was very good here as well.  I have my doubts that I'll pick up anything else from the collection but I'm happy with my choices!
Johnny & Penelope Search for a Plot.
Sigh, POTC4.  I have no intention of seeing this movie.  I loved the first one but the two that followed were so awful that I can't imagine that this one will be any better.  I understand that in this film, they'll be searching for the mythical Fountain of Youth.  Really?  Why the hell don't they ask Johnny Depp where it is?  That guy has hardly aged since he showed up in the 80's!  Just look at the guy:

The 90's...

The 00's...

Last Week!

That Mofo! What is he? 50? Somewhere there's a painting of Depp hidden away in an attic in the South of France and it probably looks a lot like this:

Maybe the Fountain of Youth is Johnny Depp and all we need to stay young forever is to track him down and eat him.  In fact, I'm going to do just that!  Wait here a minute, I'm going to get a few friends together and I'll be right back...
I Found Him Through Gawker Stalker!
Ok, that didn't take long, did it?  So I've eaten Johnny Depp!  Eternal Youth shall be mine!  Let's just head on over to the mirror and see how much younger I got...
Uh Oh...

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