Monday, June 13, 2011

Cha Ching Liquidation Has Super Cheap Nail Polish In Midtown Toronto

If there's anything I love more than nail polish, it's really inexpensive nail polish!  If you live in the Midtown area of Toronto and you are looking for a bargain, then you'll be interested to know that a cosmetics clearance store named Cha Ching Liquidation has opened up in the Eglinton Subway station on the Yonge line.  Located on the upstairs level opposite the Eglinton eastbound bus stops, the clearance store now occupies what used to be a discount clothing store.  The store is bare bones with the majority of products in boxes and bins that you'll have to dig through but if you dig, you'll probably find something good.  They don't have a vast selection of brand names but the ones they have are easily recognizable:  Sally Hansen, Elizabeth Arden, New York Colour & Borghese are some the brands I spotted during my visit. Here's what I picked up:
Elizabeth Arden: La Jolia, Mayfair Lilac, Grand Canyon Sunset, Providence Cherry

Sally Hansen: Bronze Yourself, Signature Taupe, Silver Anniversary, Mindful Mocha, Adoring Amethyst

Sally Hansen: Wet Clay, Problem Child, Wined Up, Blush Rush
To give you an idea on how cheap their prices are, I bought 13 bottles of polish and all it cost me was $20.34 CDN.  I'm especially excited to try out the Elizabeth Arden polish since I've never tried the brand before and that was largely due to cost.  So if you are in the area and you are so inclined, pop into their little store.  You might find something you'll like.


  1. hi!
    I was looking for cheap nail polish and accidentally found your nice blog on google :)
    have been to Eglinton station area at least 5 times this month haven't spotted the new Cha Ching store. could you, pls, share the location?

    thanks a lot much appreciated:))

  2. Hi DreamThai...I hate to tell you this but I passed by Cha Ching today and the store was completely empty and shut down! I was especially surprised since I had passed by earlier in the day and they were open and it was full of people...I have to say I was pretty disappointed since I love a good deal :(...It was upstairs where you go to board the Eastbound buses on Eglinton(the 34, 54,100 right next to the bakery). I'm sad to see it go but I'll keep posting and letting T.O. polish lovers out there know when I find a good deal. Glad you like the blog and thanks!

  3. The store is back.
    I was saw it there over the summer.

  4. The store opened again a couple weeks ago, and the selection is huge. Great deals. Lot's of make up, and brand name perfumes at deep discounts.