Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pink Shells, Midtown & Tibet

I'm finally getting back to normal after being knocked down by sickness and other things of life. I've got some very similar polish for today and I'm starting with a blue tinged pink with fine shimmer that I've had in my collection since the mid-nineties, Tibet by Christian Dior:
 I found this polish in a now closed store that was on Montreal's St.Catherine Street which was an odd mix of tabagie (smoke shop) in the front end and black hair care products with marked down cosmetics in the back end.   I guess their desired customers were follicle challenged ladies of colour in need of a nicotine fix.  I hung onto this colour for many years because I loved it (I adore Fuchsia), but after I did my nails with this polish, I realized why I hadn't used it in almost the same amount of time.  No matter what solution or trick I used, Tibet just would not dry and I kept getting soft chunks of polish gouged out of my manicure by things as simple as my own hair.  Yup, while brushing my hand through my strands the next day, I found little but long gouges in the polish that was still soft 24 hours later.   I can't speak for the Christian Dior polishes of today since I can't afford them but I'm sure that their quality has improved since the last time I purchased them.  After holding on to Tibet for about 17 years, I finally threw it away.

Luckily, I have suitable replacements on hand to step in and take that polishes place.  First up is Midtown by New York Color, one of their quick dry polishes and part of the permanent line:
Tibet & Midtown
 As you can see from this bottle comparison, Tibet and Midtown are not perfect matches but they are similar enough that I didn't feel like I was missing something from my collection when I trashed TibetMidtown's shimmer is not as fine as Tibet and the formula is much thinner but my manicure went chip and mess free for three days and for my money, that's more important!

Fuchsia is always a popular colour for summertime and this season is not an exception. Pink Shells is part of L'oreal's Summer Siren collection and is super shimmery:
Pink Shells
 The quality of this polish is high.  I'm on my third day of wear and I haven't had a nick or a chip so far and that's after house work, typing and dish washing and all without the benefit of a topcoat!

All of this hot pink is unfortunately reminding me of the OO's pseudo punk pop person, Avril Lavigne, who is far too boring to continue to consider. So I submit for your consideration, genuine punk pop person, Debbie Harry:
Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful & Awesome

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