Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jessica's Stark Naked Plus Additional "Nudity"

I'm really into "nude" coloured nail polishes right now!  Sure, I still love the bright and dark colours, don't get me wrong, but lately I've been wanting to see my hands look clean, sleek and neat and I find that nude polishes help to achieve that look.  Here's some of the polishes that I've been sporting recently:

Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Signature Taupe is one of the polishes that I recently picked up for super cheap at Cha Ching in Eglinton subway station.  At first glance, it looks like a creme polish but closer inspection reveals a fine pinkish gold shimmer finish that is lovely to my eye:
I was really looking forward to trying out my very first bottle of Jessica Custom Nail Color in Stark Naked  and although it applied extremely smoothly and had a super shiny finish, the big disappointment came when it took 3 coats to achieve that hue and then I noticed a large amount of long, black lint that some how found its way into the polish and got prominently stuck on my pinkie.  I know that the average person isn't going to notice such a thing when they look at my nails but I see it and I now I can't unsee it!
Grrrr!  Look at It!  It's Like a Zit on the Tip of My Nose!
However, this helps me cope with my feelings of disappointment:

Hey Look!  It's a Stark...Naked!
Ha!  I know, it's a terrible pun, a terrible, terrible pun! But I really like Games of Thrones and it's a good excuse for some male nudity.  Speaking of GOT and nudity, how annoying is it when no male character can make deliver a monologue without some naked prostitutes lolling about in the background?  Do the showrunners think we won't pay attention to what the dude is saying  without the addition of boobs and one extremely flat behind or does said flat behind have a larger role to play?...and I digress!  Although Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails polish in Chocolate is not a nude colour, it is extremely neutral...
Very Neutral...
Like Switzerland Before Germany Invaded Poland in September 1939!
Seriously, this colour literally goes well with every colour I have in my wardrobe and my wardrobe is ample.  Although I don't see this polish as looking like chocolate creme, it's really more of a dusty pink. It was in fact, hard as nails!  Look closely and you'll notice that there is some small chips on my index finger but that small imperfection occurred after three days of wear and my spending the day assembling an over the toilet storage unit in my recently renovated bathroom.  I hammered, screwed and glued that unit together and that's how well the polish held up.  Added bonus is that it was on sale and I paid about $2 CDN for it!

I just want to let my readers know that there will be some changes coming soon to this blog but I don't have a set reveal date.  All I can say right now is this blog will be looking different but also a lot spiffier in the near future!

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