Friday, June 24, 2011

Essie Resort Collection Minis: Part 1 - The Pinks

So I picked up The Resort Collection minis from Essie last week and the first thing that stuck me as being a little odd about the collection is that even though it's called "The Resort Collection" the names of the polishes would better suit a safari theme.  I suppose they may have wanted to avoid any confusion with Sephora's Safari Luxe Collection because when polishes sport names like Lion Around, Your Hut Or Mine, Fair Game & Da Bush, it seems obvious that they didn't have Club Med or Atlantis Bahamas in mind for inspiration...
Not Pictured: Lions, Huts, Fair Game But Possibly Some Huts.

But onto the polishes!  The King of the Jungle is not the first thing that crosses the mind when you look at Lion Around, which is a very light somewhat fleshy pink tone with a slight shimmer to it.  It's formula was quite thick but applied well and was opaque in two coats.  This colour fits in well with my current neutral phase that I'm going through.

I like it well enough but not as much as Your Hut Or Mine.  Despite the super cheesy name I think that this is the nicest pink polish I've ever bought.  Like Lion Around, this polish also has a subtle shimmer to it that isn't overbearing at all.  It gives it a little bit of extra shine without it looking frosty and I just wanted to wag my fingers in every ones face just to make sure they could see how pretty it is!

Coming Soon...Part 2 - The Other Colours!

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