Sunday, June 26, 2011

Essie Resort Collection Minis: Part 2 - The Others

So now after taking a look at the pinks of the set, we move onto the other two colours in Essie's Resort Collection minis,  Fair Game & Da Bush:
Fair Game is a cool toned, deep blue silver colour with a nice amount of shimmer to it.  I really like this colour quite a bit but I see FG as more of a Fall colour as opposed to the bright sometimes, screechy colours that people like to sport in warmer weather.  But then again, one could look at it as an antidote to all of the inevitable neon colours that get foisted upon potential buyers almost every summer.  The formula was pretty good, I had no real application problems and the polish is pigmented enough that it gave complete coverage in two coats. It's definitely a keeper.

Last but not least is Da Bush.  Just the name alone guaranteed that I would have an affinity to this polish as the name Da Bush is almost the same as my last name (with only one difference in letters).  I felt like this was the closest that I'll ever come to having a namesake polish so that had me pretty jazzed.  And I love the colour!  This grungy light green creme really appeals to me but...there were problems with the formula.  I can't say if it was just my bottle or what but the polish was extremely thick and goopy and that made for some irritating dragging and sloppiness on the nail while I was applying it. The thickness also lead to bubbling after applying the second coat, which is evident on my index finger.  I'll wear it again, I just don't think I'll wear it often.

Well I know that summer has just started but so far in Toronto, it's been a bit of a washout!  Even though I'm not great in hot weather, it's been cloudy and raining for the last few weeks so things are not looking to sunny.  Even now the skies are full of clouds!  I haven't even felt the urge to listen to one of my favourite summer songs: The Lovin' Spoonful's Summer In the City:

Rain, Rain Go Away!

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