Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pistol Whipped with Gunmetal by Joe Fresh

Gunmetal by Joe Fresh is a deep grey with fairly large shimmer that reflects nicely throughout.  Despite being a dark colour, this polish requires 3 coats instead of just two as I experienced quite a bit of unexpected bald spots on my nails.  Overall, the formula for this polish is not as good as the other polishes that I’ve used from this line and I wish it had something that made it a little bit more special. As I mentioned before, it needs 3 coats and worse, it chipped on my right index finger after less of a day of wear.   

Gun metal!  Just like the moniker “Emerald City”, it’s a polish name so over used that it needs to be put out of its misery. Surely there are lots of other things made out of metal that aren’t guns.  Stuff like:


Trash Cans!


 Ok, so maybe “gunmetal” sounds a lot more exciting and glamorous than “cutlery”.  But couldn’t they who name the names AKA the marketing department, show a little bit more imagination when it comes to naming metallic nail polish?  Aren’t there literally thousands of guns out there in the world? Surely somebody could come up with Uzi, Beretta, Glock, .45, AK 47 or the gun that I accidently pistol whipped myself with: The King Cobra:
Photo By The Cinemasochist
That’s me from about 12 or so years ago.  I was "acting" in a student project directed by Christian Viel who would go on to direct such straight to DVD clap trap as: Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain & Recon 2022: The Mezzo IncidentI played an assassin/right-hand woman to Mr. Big, a drug dealer and our characters were up against a police squad played by the person who was my boyfriend at the time, an actor/stuntman.   I ended up accidently hitting myself with that gun and it was, shockingly, one of the most painful experiences that I ever had and I’ve had kidney stones, so I know pain!  During a stunt where my ex disarms me and Mr. Big at the same time, we used the real gun in the scene instead of the rubber prop gun because they didn’t match up and during one of the takes, that gun whacked me smack dab on my knee!  It hurt so badly, that I actually saw stars (the only stars I saw on that movie set!) and ended up limping for three whole days!  I sucked it up for the rest of the shoot but when I got home, I cried, the pain was that bad!

Now whenever I see a film or a TV show where someone get pistol whipped and then the person just gets up like all they’re having is a hangover, I call bullsh*t!

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