Friday, July 15, 2011

Nicole By OPI's Kardashian Kolors Spells Class With a "K"...

...Crap can also start with "K" if one follows that logic.  This post marks the first and last time you will ever see the word "Kardashian" mentioned on this blog as Nicole by OPI's Holiday Collection 2011 is a Kraptastic Kross brand, just in time for "Kristmas" with America's most overrated (and in my opinion...useless) family.  The "Kolors" look acceptable enough, but there's no way I'm giving my money to these people, not even if it was for charity.  The most positive thing I can say about this line is that there doesn't appear to have any "Krackles" in it.   I guess I'm showing my age by saying that in my day, when you said "she spells class with a k", you were delivering a tremendous insult and not a "kompliment".  Frankly, all of this poor spelling reminds me of my favourite stupid joke.."Bad Spellers of the World...Untie!"

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