Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prescott Coral C by Elizabeth Arden

If there's a brand that I never hear anyone blogging about, it's Elizabeth Arden cosmetics.  They've been lingering around department stores and pharmacies for years now doing nothing except conjure up visions of your Grandma's dresser, all stocked up with some of the most run of the mill or "classic" items like Chanel #5 or Red Door.  Not to say these are bad things (grandmas are awesome!) but let's just face the fact that nobody thinks of Elizabeth Arden products and says to themselves "Boy, that brand is really fresh and current!"
I could also say the same thing about the polish that my sister is sporting in this photo, Prescott Coral C.  It's a bright coral creme that looked a lot pinker in the bottle than it did on my sister's nails.  She had really liked the polish in the bottle but once it was on her nails, she hated it!  Of course, loving or hating a colour is pretty much subjective and depends on what your tastes are.  However, there's nothing subjective about quality and our experiences with  EA polishes isn't turning out too great.  I've recently discovered that the macro function on my camera is not working anymore but that doesn't disguise the rampant bubbling that this EA polish had.  Honestly, if you saw her nails in the flesh, you would have thought that her nails had a rash!  I've got a few more EA polishes in my collection that I haven't tried out yet but considering the strike outs that we've been experiencing so far, I'm not that eager to get around to trying them at this point.  They're like the Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull of nail polish:  You may think your getting Harrison Ford & Cate Blanchett but you're really just getting cold, leftover LaBeouf!
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