Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Tummy is Growling with Food Inspired Polishes

Despite having recently lost over 40 pounds, I still find myself spending a lot of time thinking about food.  Now, don’t start thinking that I’m depriving myself of the foods I love because I don’t do that.  I just eat less of it while forcing myself to do one of the things in life that I really hate to do: exercise!

If you’re someone who’s dieting or trying to lose weight then you know how difficult it can be since food is everywhere.  Even in nail polish names:

Now that Fall is just around the corner, people are going to be consuming a lot less of these slushy coffees in a cup.  Sally Hansen’s Iced Coffee from their Complete Salon Manicure line looks like a nice creamy neutral in the bottle but once you get it on your nails, you can see how watered down it really is.  This is two coats but it’s streaky and with plenty of bald spots in its application, this one’s a real disappointment unless you want to try for three coats.

Sometimes it seems like I can’t start my day without one of these to get me going in the morning.  Espresso from Joe Fresh is a dark brown shimmer that in a weird sort of way, reminds me more of raisins than coffee. The formula on this is pretty good but as usual, the wide and round bottle cap makes the nail painting a little awkward but it was good in two coats. Maybe if I would stop doing my nails in the dark, I might get a sleeker application.  If you are looking to buy this polish, I would suggest that you head out to your local Joe Fresh now.  Espresso has been discontinued and it currently selling at $1.74 CDN, so once it’s gone, it’s gone!

If there was one thing I cut out of my diet, it was truffles.  Not because I ate too many but because the chocolate ones usually retail at $2.00 and up and the fungal variety can start at $55.00 per pound!  When you’re on EI, truffles are not on your grocery list.

This truffle I could afford to spring on as it’s going to last a lot longer than the 30 seconds it would take me to eat a double chocolate raspberry from Godiva’s.  Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Truffle isn’t really a brown as you would expect but is a dusky pinkish crème.  In fact I find that the colour is a bit difficult to define but I do know that I like it.  The Hard as Nails line is not really known for trendsetting colours or textures but I find its good value for your money as the polish itself is quite durable and the formula is thick without being goopy.  That’s two coats in the photo and it’s smooth and shiny even after a couple of days of wear.  Maybe this week I’ll treat myself to a couple of rum truffles!

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