Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brownstone by China Glaze

If there was a polish collection that I was really looking forward to it was China Glaze's Metro collection.  I like a nature break every now and then but I am a city girl at heart and lord knows I love Fall, Fall colours, Fall fashions etc., so my anticipation was quite high for Metro.  I picked up 3 colours and first up is Brownstone.  I really do have a thing for red toned browns even though they don't go with everything and are nowhere near a neutral colour.  They look good on me and I'm going to keep wearing them, however, I did debate buying Brownstone since I just picked up Essie's Very Structured and was concerned about them being too similar.  Fortunately they are different, with Essie's VS being the more muted of the two and Brownstone being a lot redder.  But if I had to choose between the two, I would lean towards Very Structured strictly because of the formula of Brownstone. It was very thick and sticky and while that's good for coverage, it's even better for bubbles to form in your polish!  They started to form by the time I reached my index finger and in my experience, bubbling polish takes longer to dry and that's a pain.  So I'm giving Brownstone a marginal thumbs up, mainly because of the colour.

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