Monday, October 10, 2011

Designer, de Better by OPI

Designer, de Better from OPI's Muppets collection is described as a "light metallic bronze" in their publicity but if this a bronze polish both my eyes and my camera need to be checked.  Looking more like a silver than a bronze colour, its foil finish will need three coats and not just two as I applied to get a more smooth finish.  I don't dispute that there's bronze in the polish, check out a close up and you can clearly see that there are bronze flecks in the formula:

But you can also see that the polish itself is pretty thin.  I do really like this polish as it looks like a neutral with a bit of flash to it but I'm not feeling the name. I suppose that it's a reference to Miss Piggy but I don't particularly have a big love of that character.  I like Fozzie, Gonzo and the two geezers who were always so mean to them...Statler & Waldorf!

The Original Grumpy Old Men

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