Monday, October 3, 2011

Uh Oh, Roll Down the Window by OPI

I've been buying nail polish since I was in elementary school and I can safely say that this is the first time I have ever seen a polish that suggests it was named after a fart.

I Would Have Preferred Silent but Deadly
OPI's Uh Oh, Roll Down the Window is the guilty party here.  Even the Urban Decay line (when they debuted and were actually they're very middle of the road in my opinion) with product names like Bruise, Oil Slick and Roach, they didn't go there with creative monikers but I guess OPI wanted to have a bit of fun.  I get the roll down the window quip is connected to the road trip theme for the Touring America collection but let face it people.  Farts happen everywhere!

And When They Do, They Leave Burn Marks On Your Carpet.
Olive green polish is also everywhere this fall but I think I'll keep my purchases capped at Uh Oh and China Glaze's Weekend Warrior.  Uh-Oh is a dark green olive cream that, in comparison to China Glaze's WW, is far, far less pigmented.  While WW was very opaque in 2 coats, Uh Oh's formula was thin & a bit runnier than WW.  I didn't get complete coverage in 2 coats like I normally do with an OPI polish and considering how much I disliked sister polish Color to Diner For's application, I'm starting to get a bit concerned about the quality of their polishes lately.  Especially since Uh Oh chipped after only one day of wear in which the most challenging thing I did that day was eat brunch.  I definitely like the colour but the disappointing formula makes CG's Weekend Warrior the better option. 

That juicy bum up in that screen grab belongs to one of my all time favourite cartoon characters, Stimpy from The Ren & Stimpy Show.  It was wildly popular during the early to mid ninties and for a time, you couldn't escape the show or its oddball sense of humour and my two favourite episodes were Space Madness and Son of Stimpy...

 in which Stimpy, the stupidest cat that ever lived, blows out a huge fart and becomes convinced that he's given birth and leaves home to find his lost "son":

Have You Seen This Fart?
How could something so gross be so heartbreaking at the same time? I don't how it works, I can only tell you that it does!  This show was created by animator John Kricfalusi, who I thought had practically fallen of the face of the earth in the last couple of years so imagine my surprise when I was watching The Simpsons and lo and behold:  The couch gag was animated by the one & only John K!  Long time no see!
Missed Those Crazy Lines!

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