Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ruby Rush By Sally Hansen & Layla Graffiti Effect

I recently picked up Ruby Rush, one of the Fall 2011 colours from the Insta-Dri Line from what was a pretty full display at my local Pharmaplus.  I don't know if shoppers are not into the usual fall "go to" colours that always come out at this time of year or if it was the fact that the display was tucked away on a bottom shelf.  Maybe they're just looking for something different in terms of polish.

If you're looking for something different, you won't find it in this colour but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  This types of wine coloured shimmer polishes are usually a core type of colour.  Like a pure red or a nice clean nude polish, you should expect to find at least one colour like this in every polish lovers collection.

There were no issues with application and it did dry quickly as advertised but the formula was a bit thin.  It ended up chipping by the end of the first day of wear, so if your looking for something that will last more than a couple of days, then Ruby Rush is not for you.

As for polish buyers wanting something new, I can't help but wonder if we're reaching the end of the crackle craze.  While at the same Pharmaplus, I found a completely full display for a polish line called Layla.  Their take on crackle nail polish is called a Graffiti Effect topcoat but it just adds up to the same thing.  I decided to give the purple colour (the polish didn't have a name) I bought a try on top of Ruby Rush right before I removed it.

If you look closely, you can the problem with the polish right away.  When I polish my nails, I start with the pinkie and work my way over to my thumb.  That way I don't accidently bump or smear a wet nail so you can see that while the polish is cracklingly very well on my pinkie but by the time I got to my thumb, it wasn't doing so well.  If you're wondering, I dipped the brush for a new sweep of polish for each nail.  I guess I can't grumble since it was under $4 CDN but that was the mark down price:  It was originally priced at $15 CDN!  So if you live in the GTA and you want to try out a crackle polish, $4 is fairly reasonable.

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