Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Cross Branding With Nicki Minaj & The Hunger Games

It looks like that nail polish cross branding is still in high gear with the recent announcements of OPI’s Nicki Minaj Collection...

And the apparent but currently unconfirmed by Lionsgate China Glaze “Inspired by the Motion Picture” Hunger Games collection.

I guess it makes sense to tap into the preeminent pop culture pieces of our times.  I haven’t read The Hunger Games (and to be honest, I probably never will) but what little I know of the Katniss character, she doesn’t seem like a girl that has time to do her nails all that often.

As far as I’m still concerned (with the notable exceptions of the recent Wonder Woman & Venomous Villains collections from MAC) it’s the actual quality and the appearance of the polishes themselves that I’m primarily interested in, because that’s what people first notice when they notice your polish.  People will say “Oh, that’s a nice colour” not “That polish reminds me of Fozzie Bear!  I have the sudden urge to say Wocka Wocka!

And with that in mind, is anybody out there looking to pick up a polish or two from these upcoming collections?  Here are the details for the Nicki Minaj collection from OPI:

Metal 4 Life - shimmery gunmetal gray
Pink Friday - iridescent Barbie pink
Save Me - rainbow glitter-infused light blue
Fly - neon sky blue
Did it On Em - fluorescent lime green
Super Bass - deep plum, shatter polish

Now, the phrase “iridescent Barbie pink” was definitely a turn off when I read it but Pink Friday looks great in the promo image and I’m pretty sure that’s the polish I’ll buy from this collection. 
And here are the details for The Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze:

Primrose - inspired by Prim
Rebel - inspired by Gale
Catnip - inspired by Katniss
Coal Hearted – inspired by District 12
Joined at the Seam – inspired by The Seam
Fight to the Finish – inspired by the night sky the Tributes look into
We Could Runaway – inspired by forest Katniss & Gale hunt in
Baker’s Son - inspired by Peeta
Cinna-mon – inspired by Cinna’s gold eyeliner
Fire in Flight - inspired by the Flaming Mockingjay
Heat of the Moment –  inspired by the costumes Katniss & Peeta wear into the Arena
Flaming Gems – inspired by Katniss’ interview dress
I have absolutely no idea what any of those above descriptions of “inspiration” mean but Primrose, Baker’s Son & Flaming Gems are the colours I’ll be checking out once this collection makes it into the stores.

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