Friday, November 25, 2011

What's The Next Big Cross Brand?

Cross Branding.  I have to accept that it’s unlikely to be going away anytime soon.  With all the panty bunching going on with the recent announcements of collections for Nicki Minjai  & The Hunger Games it’s made me wonder, what going to be the next cross brand collection?  Here are a couple of suggestions.  Please bear in mind that these suggestions are what I think we might see, not what I’d like to see.  But more on that later...


Due to be released on August 22nd, 2012, Brave signals what could be considered by some as a risky move in terms of conventional movie making: an animated action film with a girl as the lead character. Not they didn’t stray too far off from convention, the main character is still a princess (looks like they don’t want anything to break up their precious & profitable Disney Princess branding) but it look more like Medira will be more like the ass-kicking Mulan than the narcoleptics Snow White & Sleeping Beauty and if OPI can come up with a collection based on Shrek, surely an inventive company can come up with collection that’s even better than the one I just mentioned:  I didn’t buy anything from the Shrek line.

 Mirror Mirror and/or Snow White & the Huntsman

Why is That Castle Giving Me the Finger?

Try to Imagine a World Where Kristen Stewart is Considered More Attractive Than Charlize Theron!  Now, That's Truly  a Fantasy Film!
Another day, yet even more re-imaginings of tried and true fairy tales.  Having recently seen the trailers for both films, I can say with all certainty, I’m not going to pay any money to see either of them.  I can appreciate that Mirror Mirror is actually taking more of a chance by making a comedy instead of going the “gritty reboot” route that Snow White & the Huntsman took but aren't People tired of gritty reboots yet?  I know I am, I can’t be the only one!  Anyways, if either of these films makes it to the cosmetic cross branding phase, I’d bet my money on SW&TH simply because the producers of this film are the same ones as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and OPI really scored a big hit with that collection.  Plus there’s this...

You're Welcome!
Dark Shadows

Speaking of Tim Burton, I’d be shocked if no polish manufacturers jumped on his take on the greatest soap opera ever made and no, I don’t mean The Young & the Restless.

If Your Character Dies, You Can Come Back as a Ghost or a Vampire
This yet next another film I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to see, despite the fact that the illustrious Michelle Pfeiffer is in it. I love her so much I watched Cheri six times which is about six more times than the amount of people who didn’t watch it.  As we all know from Batman Returns, Pfeiffer & Burton are two great tastes that taste great together and there’s that Alice in Wonderland connection and that makes it all a no-brainer as far as I can see.

Pheiffer Up Front!

The Lorax
Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax doesn’t have the brand recognition of the Muppets but they do have one important factor in common:  it’s an old brand that has the capability to bring a wide variety of generations, young and old, to it.  Nostalgia can be a powerful motivation when it comes to people’s purchasing choices so if you grew up loving The Lorax, you’re probably going to want to share that love with your kids.  Besides, look at that poster...there’s a lot of polish possibilities in there that could make for a fun collection.

Now for some suggestion on what polish cross brand collections that I’d like to see:

The Avengers

For some reason, society seems to think that women don’t like Superhero movies.  However, when the people who make these films cast people who look like this pack of dudes, I find it hard to believe that women aren’t lined up around the block for days, Twilight style...

I Would Scratch the Backs of Five Out the Eight People on This Poster.  I'll Leave You to Guess Which Ones They Are!
Deep down inside, I’m just a nerdy girl in heat...uh, at heart!  Just slap a superheroes name on that polish or lip gloss and I’ll give you my money.  I bought doubles from MAC’s Wonder Woman collection and just thinking about the fun you could have with nail art just makes me excited!

The Dark Knight Rises

I’m not thinking about a Batman collection per se but just imagine how great a Catwoman collection would be!  
Nine Lives, Nine Sweet Outfits!

When it comes to female comic book characters, Selina Kyle is the sexiest of them all.  Just look at some of the women who have played her on the big & small screen:





Do You Like My Nails?  I Just Got Them Done.  Let Me Give You a Better Look at Them By Jamming Them Straight Into Your EYEBALLS!!!
 Why wouldn’t you buy from a collection with such sexy, confident and ass-kicking affiliation?

John Carter

This Disney film, based on a series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs is set to be released in March of 2012.  The reason I think that this would be a good cross branding opportunity is more based on the artwork of Frank Franzetta with his bold colour schemes...

Er, superior composition

Duh...precision of technique and

Wait; was I saying something just now?

Rock of Ages

Although this 1980’s themed jukebox upcoming musical looks like it’s going to be cut from the musical same cloth as Mamma Mia!, that film was a screeching decent into cinematic hell.  Just because I don’t think this movie’s going to be any good, doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t mean that it wouldn’t make for a great nail polish line.  It just seems like people love the 80’s more now than the people who actually went through it.  Glitter & Neon were just as popular back then as they are right now and don’t tell me you wouldn’t buy a nail polish named after any of these songs:

Here I Go Again
The Final Countdown
Every Rose has its Thorn
Hit Me with Your Best Shot

I actually think that if a polish was called Don’t Stop Believing people would buy it even if it was just a clear topcoat with 5 pieces of neon glitter sitting sadly in the bottom of the bottle.  If such a collection existed, I’d buy Hit Me with Your Best Shot.  I’m a long time Pat Benatar fan and even though she’s sold millions of records, I always feel like she doesn’t get enough credit for being amazing:

Patron Saint of Lady Singers Who Don't Wear Pants
Millions of Hipster Girls Are Wearing This Outfit Right Now.  Not One of Them Looks This Good.

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