Saturday, March 24, 2012

Orly to Release "Dark Shadows" Collection

This is my week to feel smug!  Last November, I wondering what would be the next big Hollywood film to team up with a polish company and release a theme collection.  I was sort of right when I suggested The Avengers but OPI announced their Amazing Spiderman collection.  But I was right on the money when it came to Tim Burton's Dark Shadows!

The polishes look pretty much in sync with the prominent colours on the Johnny Depp poster so at least they actually go together instead of following current trends like glitter polish, even though this film is set in the seventies and that actually would have been appropriate.  The colours are described as follows:

Mysterious Curse: Purple Duochrome Shimmer
Buried Alive: Rich Brown Shimmer
Grave Mistake: Deep Red Crème
Decades of Dysfunction: Pale Pink Crème

If I could pick just one, you know it would be Mysterious Curse.  I love me some duochromes!  Normally this would be the part of this article where I would say when the movie opens but, seriously, it looks like crap! Really, just watch this trailer...

The Horror!  The Horror!

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