Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cheyne Walk by Nail Inc.

Direct Sunlight



Nail Inc. has got a few new duochromes out, two of which are available right now at Sephora's all around the GTA.  The first one I tried out was Cheyne Walk, a medium purple shimmer that reflects a kind of brown.  Man I love duochromes but they are always difficult to photograph and you always have to take a series of them in order to make sure that the viewer can see all of the different ways that the polish captures the light.  If I didn't snap a few in the shade you wouldn't be able to really see the duochrome effect at all.  Direct sunlight just seems to blot these kind of polishes out.  And if this wasn't a douchrome, I can't say that I would have been enthusiastic about it as it looks a little washed out with my complexion.

That aside, i had no real issues with the application.  It had a smooth finish ad was free of link and bubbles but it did take a little bit more time to dry than other Nails Inc.  

Man, it's just turning out to be a ho-hum summer for me, and I had high hopes since my month of May was pretty good in comparison to the awful year I'd been having up until then.  I know I could use a little adventure and romance but it’s not like some Prince Charming is going to ride up on a white horse and take me away...
WTF?!?! Really?
Link:Elsa Nott
I see, alas Mocha Maiden, I must continue my lonely pilgrimage to find a suitable set of ovaries perfect for my destructive intents.
It’s not you, its meeeeee.....

What the hell, not even in my dreams?...sigh...

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