Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where's the Party? by Essence

A quick stop in a Shoppers Drug Mart on Dufferin Street & Lawrence Avenue led me to an almost empty display rack of Essence cosmetics.  I'm curious to know why I've never seen this brand of makeup in any other SDM in the GTA except for that one.  They certainly don't carry it anywhere near where I live.

I bought 2 polishes and one of them was Where's the Party?, a purple green duochrome that leans a bit on the frosty side.  Considering the cheap price, it was less than $2 CDN, it's a pretty decent looking polish and has some really nice tonally transition to it and it looks good.  However, I got to tell you the formula was hard to work with.  It was too thick, bubbled and actually lived up to the promise of being a quick dry polish by becoming extremely sticky coming out of the bottle by the time I got to the second coat.  I doubt that I'd be able to get 3 more wears out of it before it would begin to dry up and be unmanageable.

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