Friday, July 13, 2012

Cosmetic Art's April Showers

While browsing one of my favourite stores to buy nail polish, I came across a display for a brand I'd never heard of before: Cosmetic Arts.  A quick Google search gave me very little information about the line but what little I did find (and from the tiny fine print on the back of the bottle), CA is onwed by The Forsythe Cosmetic Group who owns the well know Color Club brand.  I have a few CC polishes (7 bottles) and I like them well enough but in my opinion, this one bottle of April Showers was a better polish than all of them combined.  The photo above doesn't completely capture just how lovely the colour is.  It does have that beautiful blue & green flash to it and I'm a sucker for anything that invokes the image of the ocean. But what the photo doesn't show that is the polish also reflects with a light pink shimmer.  The brush was very wide and gave very good coverage with 2 strokes on the nail.  Granted it is a sheer colour, that's 3 coats pictured, but it was also an extremely quick drying polish and I didn't need to use any additional drying methods to get it to set.


  1. I know!! Beautiful isn't it? I definately have to try more from this line.