Monday, July 16, 2012

Mirror Metallics by Essie

Good as Gold

Penny Talk

 I picked up Good as Gold & Penny Talk from Essie's Mirror Metallics collection last week on one of the rare days that I decided "Damn it!  I'm not going to work through lunch!  Not today!"  and shambled down to Toronto Beauty & Barber Supply on Orfus Road.  I was really feeling the blue and/or purple colours and I have more than enough silver polish but  I am totally jazzed with the two that I did end up buying.

Good as Gold is a light gold metallic that is like a neutral but has just enough flash to it to keep it from being a little pedestrian.  Penny Talk is just gorgeous to me, I am completely in love with this colour.  Bronze polishes, as much as I like them, can be kind of unimaginative but I really dig its light tone.  It does resemble a brand new penny but is just a little bit lighter than an actual one cent.

The formula was very good with these polishes.  I've often found that this types of finishes can get terribly sticky very quickly so I'm glad to see that it didn't happen.  Application was smooth and fairly quick drying.  But as it is with matte polishes, you need to buff your nail for a nice smooth surface or every flaw on your nail is going to show through.  Other than that, I think these were awesome!

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