Monday, September 17, 2012

Zoya's Feifei and a Month Gone By

Long time no blog!  Sometimes little things in life like jobs and money gets in the way of even smaller things of blurting out your little scribbles about like what you think about the latest in nail polish colours.  In the past month I’ve been dealing with 99 problems and thank god a bitch ain’t one!  I’ve been dealing with this kind of stuff:

1.      Insomnia
2.      Lack of energy
3.      Writing
4.      Job searching
5.      CV Updating
6.      Job changes
7.      Large drop in income

Yes, these are miserable sounding things but if I try hard enough, I can sort the fun stuff too!  In the past month I’ve:

1.      Dyed my hair purple

 Or more like I dyed my grey hair purple and since I dyed it on top of the black dye job that I had done while I was in NYC visiting family, it only affected my roots.  It looked like purple was my natural colour.  Oddly, only 2 people out of 100 in the accounting firm I work at noticed my hair was purple which means that either no one really takes notice of me or my showing up one day with purple hair wasn’t anything unexpected on my part...I used Manic Panic’s Ultra Violet.  The label reads “semi permanent” and it really lives up to that claim.  After one week it had faded so much that the colour was barely noticeable and that was without washing my hair!  I’m of Afro-Caribbean descent so I don’t wash my hair daily.  Once a week or bi-weekly is the norm for me so I can imagine if you are of one of the races who has straight hair and washes it constantly, this might not be the product for you.

2.      Me & My Family Met Norman Reedus

I Give You One Guess Where My Other Hand Is...
Some families go to Walmart to get their portraits done but not mine: We head out to Toronto's Fan Expo for that!  For reasons that I don’t even understand myself, I’m a fan of actor Norman Reedus.  He’s been in some good movies (Blade 2), mediocre movies (A Crime, The Notorious Bettie Page), some god awful crap (The Boondocks Saints) and whatever AMC’s The Walking Dead thinks it is.  If you watch that show then I really hope you appreciate the irony of this photo, as Reedus plays a racist hillbilly on TWD but he’s surrounded by a bunch of Black people who were actually happy to see him!

3.      Me & My Family Met Gillian Anderson

I am Fangirling So Hard Right Now!
This had me so damn excited that I can barely remember the picture being taken.  The X-Files is and will remain one of my all time favourite shows and I was so obsessed with Agent Dana Scully that I wore a pantsuit and a long coat all through university and spent most of my time pissing off my classmates by routinely telling them that their “theories were unsubstantiated”.  No wonder I didn’t get invited to any keggers...

But what about nail polish, you ask?  Well it just so happens that I bought some (despite my now limited income) today I have for you Zoya’s Feifei.  Whose name that is, I don’t know and if there’s someone out there with that name then I’m sorry to hear that.  At first glance it made me think of Faye from last year but then I look at it again and see how wrong I am.  Feifei is a much more blue polish in comparison to Faye and the flecks appear more like an orange/copper colour.  They’re not dupes by any means and I can safely say that I don’t have another colour like this in my collection.  Nice!

In The Shade

Direct Sunlight

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