Monday, December 13, 2010

The Show Must Go On & Rising Star from the Burlesque Collection by OPI

I was going to give the Little Teasers Collection to my sister for Christmas but when we were shopping, she made a move to buy them and I couldn't think of a good way to talk her out of it, so she got this gift early!

She's already worn Rising Star & The Show Must Go On  from the set and even though these polishes are super sparkly and eye catching, there were some big problems for her in terms of application and wear.  First up is Rising Star:

It might be a bit hard to tell with all the sparkle but with just two coats, Rising Star bubbled so much, my sister said "My nails look like they have a rash!".  I was surprised at the bubbling, that's something I expect to happen during summertime, not when it's cold outside and there's no humidity.  I hope that's it's just a fluke because that is a really gorgeous holiday gold!

Second up was The Show Must Go On.  It's a flashy pink that reflects orange in a certain light.  We really liked looking at this polish and the orange sort of makes your nails look like they have little flames in them:

But this polish had a application problem too.  It chipped in a major way on the second day of wear.  Check it out:

Yikes! This is definitely not what I've come to expect from OPI in terms of quality because I usually remove OPI polish before it chips and not the other way around.  Also, I didn't have any problems with Tease - y Does It from the same collection so I find it odd that these two polishes didn't measure up.  And now and just because, here is my sister's Cher Barbie Collection...

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