Monday, August 1, 2011

Rally Pretty Pink By OPI

I've made no secret of my dislike of the crackle trend that's been dominating the polish world for the last few months.  It seems as if every company and it's mother have released some kind of variation of crackle polish, invading salons and drugstores and making me wonder if it will ever go away.  I also didn't like was how the Serena Williams polishes from OPI are packaged with a more traditional polish finish and paired with a shatter polish that I didn't really want (but if I showed patience, I could have waited until a retailer removed the pairs from their boxes in order to sell them separately).  Well, for the sake of review purposes, I didn't wait to pick up the Rally Pretty Pink set with Red Shatter.  And to my surprise, I don't hate it!  Let's take a look at RPP without the shatter top coat:
It's a lovely golden, glass flecked finish, but it's awfully similar to Zoya's Faye from Zoya's Sunshine Collection, with the difference of Faye being more pigmented and looking more purple than pink.  You can see visible nail lines but once you apply the shatter top coat, it's not noticeable. Application was good, no stray lint in the bottles, good dry time but applying the shatter top coat is still a little tricky since it dries very quickly. So despite my shatter fatigue, I did like this colour combination quite a bit, even though from a distance, you might look like you're back from an extended stay at Buffalo Bill's Nails & Spa:

It rubs the lotion on its skin.  It does this whenever it is told.
Well, OK but I've been waiting over and hour for my manicure.  Could you send down some Red Shatter?
That's funny, that's the same polish the last girl asked for....
Goodbye Horses!!!

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